S1805 photoresist datasheet

Datasheet photoresist

S1805 photoresist datasheet

Spin Coat Wafers with S1805 a. With Shipley 1813, 2 standard thicknesses have been chosen to be used in the MicroFab: 1. Choose the proper recipe recipe 6 for the Brewer spinner, , recipe datasheet s1805 5 for the Headway datasheet spinner press start. photoresist When wafers reach room temperature load a wafer on a prepped Headway Brewer spin Coater. S1813 Spin Coating photoresist This resist allows thicknesses from 1. A state- of- the- art facility for interdisciplinary research in nanoscience and applied nanotechnology. MICROPOSIT S1800 G2 SERIES datasheet PHOTORESISTS 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE The following instructions cover the use of MICROP- OSIT S1800 G2 Series Photoresists for all s1805 levels of microelectronic datasheet device fabrication. Because the spectral absorption bands of the photoinitiator do not abruptly terminate at a particular wavelength, a correspondingly adapted dose can also be s1805 exposed at wavelengths of some 10.

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION MICROPOSIT S1800 G2 Series Photoresist work well. SAFETY DATA SHEET ROHM expects you to read , understand the entire ( M) SDS, HAAS ELECTRONIC photoresist MATERIALS LLC encourages , HAAS ELECTRONIC MATERIALS s1805 LLC Product name: MICROPOSIT™ S1805™ POSITIVE PHOTORESIST Issue Date: 07/ 22/ Print Date: 10/ 23/ ROHM as there is important information throughout the document. S1805 photoresist datasheet. smartfabgroup free database of commercially available near s1805 UV ( g- h- i line and broadband) photoresists photoresist with active links to datasheets smartfabgroup™ - Photoresist Database Products Exact process parameters are application and equipment dependent.

Photoresist datasheet

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MICROPOSIT S1813 PHOTO RESIST 41280 4. 1998 MSDS_ US MSDS_ US Page 3 of 7 6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Spill Procedures Contain and absorb using earth, sand or other inert material. MICROPOSIT™ S1805™ G2 POSITIVE PHOTORESIST Page 6 of 11 Revision Date 07/ 02/ VOC’ s 642 - 1, 038 g/ L NOTE: The physical data presented above are typical values and should not be construed as a specification. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Chemical stability Stable under normal conditions.

s1805 photoresist datasheet

Shipley 1805 ( positive photoresist) Shipley 1805 photoresist gives an approx. film thickness = 500nm, and is best suited for features that are 3um wide or less in the mask. HMDS prime the wafer for 5~ 10mins after dehydrating the wafers in VWR for 10~ 15mins.